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Mark Manson, Author of The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

"Dan has been an incredible resource not just for common sense nutrition and exercise advice, but more importantly, in seeing how that advice can integrate into my day-to-day decisions. Dan helped me understand why I continued to make the same unhealthy choices over and over, as well as strategize some practical solutions that could fit into my busy day-to-day life."

Gia Macool, Author & Coach

“I have enjoyed Dan’s valuable experience through the years. He’s extremely knowledgeable when it comes to becoming the best version of yourself. His newsletter will help you get it done efficiently without falling victim to the many falsehoods online. Definitely recommend!


Greg O'Gallagher, Founder of Kinobody

"Every newsletter Dan Go puts out is killer. His tips are practical and helpful and designed to improve your body as well as your mindset."

Dan Koe, Creator

“The health space is flooded with dogmatic views and bad takes. Dan’s newsletters are the only fitness newsletters I read for this reason. They’re practical, tactical, and give no-fluff advice that you can trust."


Cory Muscara, Author & Co-Founder of

"The newsletters Dan puts out is practical and thoughtful. Just incredibly useful advice that you can read and take action on immediately. One of the only newsletters I read weekly."


Zuby, Rapper & Influencer

“Dan’s newsletter is a must read for every entrepreneur who wants to get healthy & build a confident looking body. Best of all they’re jam packed with value in under 4 minutes of read time or less”

Jordan Gray, Author and Relationship Expert

"Dan is a super-knowledgeable, compassionate powerhouse of a coach who fundamentally helped me re-write how I relate to exercise, and my body. While working with Dan, I transformed into the strongest, most capable version of myself I had ever been and I enjoyed myself in the process. I can't recommend working with Dan highly enough. The gifts that our work together gave me exceeded anything I could have hoped for."

Ed Latimore

"Dan Go is a unique mind that blends what's he learned from physical training, holistic living, and deep thinking. His newsletters are fun to read because you can see the breadth and depth of this experience on a variety of subjects. You don't just become smarter reading Dan's newsletter—you become a better person."

Floyd Marinescu, CEO of Info Q and Lead Activist for Universal Basic Income

"Dan is my go-to resource for high performance. He's world-class at it. Every week his tools, tactics and systems help me perform at my fullest potential. The best thing about it is that it takes 5 minutes to read. 5 minutes to upgrade my health and body? Sign me up"